Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm back!

I have neglected this blog for too long...I actually had become a little stumped on ideas believe it or not...I've noticed that I've gotten a few more followers so I decided that I need to become more active on here...I have alot to share...I have moved recently and with that comes looking for a job etc. etc.  Well, we have settled in pretty well, my daughter loves her new daycare center, and I've found a job in my new field of choice...Social Work!!! I'm so excited because this is what I wanted and I got it!  I decided several months ago that I wanted to change careers...I pretty much wanted out of being glued to a desk and computer all day because I found that it just wasn't me.  So, I did some research on the Social Work field as I do have a BA in Criminal Justice but I didn't want to go into law enforcement and I was close to going to law school but I decided that social work fit me perfectly...It is a very multi-faceted field and being as though I like to meet new people and help them I knew this would be a field that I would do exceptionally well in...I will be working with autistic children by implementing treatment plans and acting as a model for parents so they can learn techniques that can be used when dealing with their autistic child.  I feel so blessed and thankful that my entry level job is hands on and will help me gain the necessary experience I need to begin this new journey that I look forward to.  I'll fill you in on my experiences which I feel will be very rewarding and enlightening.  So, bear with me as I transition back into blogging from such a long hiatus ;-)  I'll be talking about autism in the near future and my experiences with the children which I hope to be very insightful for anyone who may have children who are autistic as I've found that many children are being diagnosed with autism lately and it made me more and more interested as to the cause and how the children are treated.  I was also intrigued by the talents they possess despite having this disability.  It will surely be a true learning experience for me so stay tuned for more updates on that in the near future :-)  Talk to you soon and Happy Holidays!!!