Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's Talk about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)!

My mother swears by ACV! She believes ACV can cure any ailment as long as you use it as a preventative measure. I can say honestly that all my life I cannot remember my mother ever falling ill and that is no lie! I used to wonder 'what does she do that makes her so full of energy and never get sick'? She later told me that she started taking ACV years ago.  She drinks a teaspoon full every morning straight and chases it with hot water.  She says that if a person does this every day as a preventative measure they will not get colds, flu or any other common ailment.  She also tries to convince me that it can prevent other illnesses like cancer but these are her theories and if I can find some testimonies and information to back it up I will follow up on this article later.  I can attest to the fact that ACV has improved my skin tremendously when I use it as a toner at night after cleansing. I also take it internally mixed with honey, water and a little cinnamon as a health tonic to boost my energy and help rid my body of toxins. I have been slacking lately but I plan to incorporate this in my daily diet.  I want to continuously reap the benefits of what is historically believed to be naturally cleansing and healing to the body.  I  use Bragg ACV which can be purchased at most health stores i.e. Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC.   Bragg's brand is so much better than other leading brands that you can find in regular grocery stores because it is raw and unfiltered and contains what is referred to as the 'Mother' which are strands of protein enzyme molecules that form naturally.  This is not to discredit any other pure brands of ACV but I can personally speak on Bragg because I have been using it for years now and several months on my skin which has remained pimple free ever since (despite the occasional small pimple which rears its ugly head every so often).  If I do get any small pimple it is because I may be slacking on the ACV meaning  I may have skipped a week of using it out of pure laziness.  All I do is get back into my regimen of using about 2 teaspoons(approximately) of ACV on a cotton swab after cleansing my skin and the pimple disappears within a few days. Gone are the days of those pesky pimples that linger and linger for weeks all to transform into a dark blemish which is a whole other story.  I highly recommend ACV for the skin and taken as I mentioned earlier as a health tonic.  No concrete evidence on how it improves my health besides the fact that I rarely get sick but other factors could contribute to that as well. Here are pics that show my skin prior to ACV use and then after using ACV for a few weeks:

Here is the left side of my face where you can clearly see the pimples

Another left side shot of my acne prior to using ACV

Ugh! I strongly dislike this pic but anyhoo...A frontal view of my acneic skin

3 months after using ACV at night as a toner

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frugal Shopping Tips!

I'd like to share some of my ways of maintaining my sexy as a mother without "breaking the bank"...I don't know about you but I learned at an early age that spending alot of money on clothes  is not wise and cheaper options can be more beneficial for you and your pockets.  This heavily applies to most of us during this economic situation we are facing.  My favorite places to shop right now are Target, H&M, Forever21, TJMaxx, and Marshall's to name a few..haha...You get the idea as these are retailers who sell name brand items for less or stylish clothes for a very low price! Can I just express my heartfelt love for Target!? lol...I recently went to browse through their shoe selections and fell in love with several pairs but I  only ended up purchasing two pair.  This cognac wedge and this semi wedge sandal with woven detail (also in cognac) somewhat reminiscent of the popular gladiator sandals  I must say that I was not "supposed to" go shopping when I got these but I decided to get them anyway and I'm glad I did because they are both surprisingly comfortable and although not genuine leather they don't look cheap! lol...I'm proud of my purchases and have always been one to shop wisely so I wanted to dish on some of my ways of being frugal without sacraficing style:

1) Don't buy items full price: Unless they are already a "decent" price don't purchase items full price.  Normally, clothes go on sale so just keep watching the item that you just "have to have" for sales and as soon as they mark it at a lower price GRAB IT! lol I have been looking for a camel or military green cargo jacket and spotted one in Old Navy (can't remember the sale price) but I didn't like the quality so I ended up marching my behind to JCrew and right there on the sale's rack was a camel colored cargo jacket marked down to $59.99 from the original $99! Can you say "STEAL"??!! So, I grabbed it! I knew if I waited it would be gone! ;-) Cargo jackets are so versatile!

2) Shop at retail stores like Target and H&M for good quality and stylish clothing for less:  I always tell people not to sleep on Target and most smart fashionistas already know this.  H&M is one of my favorite retail stores because you can shop for t-shirts and leggings for the weekend at the park with the kids, sexy dresses and tops for a night out with the girls or a dinner with the hubby and work attire! Let me also mention that they do have a male and children's section! Just in case you wanna pick the hubby up a few shirts and slacks just to shut him up for when you walk in the door with that H&M bag ;-)  Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are big on style but keep their prices low as well and although most 25 and older ladies shy away from these somewhat "teeny bopperesque" stores it really is worth sucking up your pride for more stylish yet cheaper clothes and trust me you will not look like you belong in high school when you learn what type of items to buy (I will do a post on this later as this gave me an idea for another entry) as they have a variety of styles from bohemian chic to your classic finds like blazers, t-shirts and jeans which should all be in your closet as they are the basic apparel necessities.

3) Shop off -season:  Keep it classy and frugal ladies! Classic means "timeless" so these types of styles are must-haves for someone who wants to maintain their sexy without looking dated and ridiculously trendy.  For example, it's summertime and as I mentioned earlier I bought a cargo jacket from J Crew for $60 and it was originally priced at $99 so although I won't be able to wear it until the Fall I got a better deal for the jacket than I would've had I bought it when it first hit the rack ;-) This goes for shoes as well! When those boots go on sale near the Spring season then you need to jump on it if you can because they lower the prices generously and that is your objective to be stylish but frugal at the same time which proves that  stylish+frugal= smart. It is imperative ladies!

Back from my HIATUS ;-)

I know it has been FOREVER since I have blogged! Been very busy and there is so much going on right now...Between being a mother, wife, work, in the process of selling our house and moving to PA! UGH! I have been so overwhelmed and I have not been feeling too "creative" lately but that all is going to change as I still adjust to being a  new blogger....When I began I had so many ideas and my head was full of all kinds of information I wanted to form into one of the next best blogs out here but I fell off track so I'm trying to get back into blog mode :-)