Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm back!

I have neglected this blog for too long...I actually had become a little stumped on ideas believe it or not...I've noticed that I've gotten a few more followers so I decided that I need to become more active on here...I have alot to share...I have moved recently and with that comes looking for a job etc. etc.  Well, we have settled in pretty well, my daughter loves her new daycare center, and I've found a job in my new field of choice...Social Work!!! I'm so excited because this is what I wanted and I got it!  I decided several months ago that I wanted to change careers...I pretty much wanted out of being glued to a desk and computer all day because I found that it just wasn't me.  So, I did some research on the Social Work field as I do have a BA in Criminal Justice but I didn't want to go into law enforcement and I was close to going to law school but I decided that social work fit me perfectly...It is a very multi-faceted field and being as though I like to meet new people and help them I knew this would be a field that I would do exceptionally well in...I will be working with autistic children by implementing treatment plans and acting as a model for parents so they can learn techniques that can be used when dealing with their autistic child.  I feel so blessed and thankful that my entry level job is hands on and will help me gain the necessary experience I need to begin this new journey that I look forward to.  I'll fill you in on my experiences which I feel will be very rewarding and enlightening.  So, bear with me as I transition back into blogging from such a long hiatus ;-)  I'll be talking about autism in the near future and my experiences with the children which I hope to be very insightful for anyone who may have children who are autistic as I've found that many children are being diagnosed with autism lately and it made me more and more interested as to the cause and how the children are treated.  I was also intrigued by the talents they possess despite having this disability.  It will surely be a true learning experience for me so stay tuned for more updates on that in the near future :-)  Talk to you soon and Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halle Berry! No mom jeans for this Haute Mama!

Okay, we all know Halle Berry was haute before she became a mom but I must admit she is even more now because she proves that there is no age limit to being fiercely gorgeous and sexy especially when life takes the beautiful turn to motherhood! Halle is another one of my fave celebrity moms because she kills any doubt that you can work motherhood like you can work a pair of 4 inch stilettos! What do I love about her style? Two words: Classic and Effortless! If you're the type of mom that prefers comfy, put together, and classic than you may find Halle's style appealing.  Some of us don't want to be glammed up all day everyday and it is generally not feasible as our lives don't allow time for all of the fuss and you can look just as good keeping it simple! You know what they say "Less is More".  Ms. Berry shows us how you don't have to put alot of time and effort into being stylish while being a mommy!

                                                   Halle making pregnancy look beautiful!

                                        Rockin' boyfriend jeans, a white tank and flat sandals

                                                Workin' the skinny jeans and fitted top

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Challenges of Motherhood

They're inevitable and come with the territory. Challenges come in many sporadic forms but are possible to overcome. Sometimes you have to be creative in your resolutions when it comes to the tests and trials your children can spring on you at any given moment. One of my experiences has been the challenge of washing my daughter's hair while she is screaming and begging for mercy as if I am inflicting excrutiating pain on her. No matter how gentle I was she would scream and cry and call for her daddy! Well, I used to get very upset and the way she would cry made me feel terrible as if I really was hurting her when I knew I wasn't. We can really let our little ones work us and she almost won the battle but one day I decided to take the calm method by speaking to her in a soft tone and saying "big girls don't cry when they get their hair washed. They sit and play with their toys and get to have chocolate for being such a good girl." Yeah, I know. Sounds like a bribe but I was desperate. Desperate times call for desperate measures and a little chocolate every know and then won't hurt. The outcome: Both mommy and daughter are happy and stress free on wash day! If you have a young daughter and wash their hair yourself you know exactly what I mean because from what I've heard this is common for many of us. Now when I give my daughter her weekly hair wash I always say "Okay, it's time for bath and getting your hair washed!" When I first began using the reverse psychology by using the "big girl vs baby" concept she had to grow accustomed to it so every now and then she would say "No! I don't want to get my hair washed!" Now, she says "I'm going to be a big girl and get my hair washed! Then, I'm going to have chocolate!" My lesson to dear daughter is you have to earn rewards in life. You just don't get the reward for the sake of getting it. So, she learns that if she behaves well when she gets her hair washed she earned the right to have some chocolate which is a reward not something she has to have or is entitled to. I'm not one of those types of parents that doesn't give my child sweets but I give them to her in limited amounts and because we didn't constantly consume soda, candy, and chips she opts for healthier alternatives like predominantly drinking water. She drinks juice maybe once or twice a day but predominantly water. I have to work on the milk but I give her a daily multi which has added calcium and she gets Vitamin D from other sources but for the mostpart she eats her fruits and veggies. She's at a point now where I believe her taste is changing. For example, she may love to eat granola bars for a few months and then all of a sudden she doesn't want granola bars or anything else she normally favors.

My daughter would eat Dora fruit snacks all day everyday if we let her so she tries to pull this "I don't want anything but Dora snacks" act on us. So, I tell her that she has to eat food like a sandwich or her chicken and veggies then maybe she can have Dora snacks so she would keep testing us and testing us to see if we would give in. Well, today I told her I was going to make her a sandwich for lunch and when she eats her sandwich she can have her Dora snacks. So, she finally decides to give in and she complied by eating her sandwich. Most of the time she would sit and cry and not eat her food because she's trying to see if we will give her what she wants. So, we've made some progression this weekend as far as wash day and teaching her that she has to eat her food before she can get sweets. I'll be updating the Challenges of Motherhood as this is an ongoing process so there will always be something new to share.

Flax Seed Oil!

Okay, in a quest to keep my health in good status I have finally decided to incorporate flax seed oil to my diet.  Me and the fam were visiting GNC last week and I picked up a bag of flax seeds and the clerk suggested I try the vegetarian flax seed oil as opposed to the actual seeds after I inquired about the taste of the flax seeds which he informed me was pretty strong (I interpreted that he meant 'nasty') so I opted to try the oil instead which he described as having a light nutty taste.  I've heard many great things about the health benefits of flax seed oil and after putting it off for years I've decided to give it a try so what I did after doing a little research this am was took a table spoon of the flax seed oil and mixed it with my yogurt.  It actually tastes pretty good! It has a nutty taste just like the clerk said and I don't mind it but if you do than I would say try adding it to a protein shake or a smoothie to really mask it. I tasted the yogurt prior to adding the flax seed oil and then after to see if their would be a major difference but it just added a nutty flavor to the yogurt which was pleasant to me since I like to add granola to my yogurt if I have it on hand so there was a similar taste in granola and flax seed oil when adding it to my yogurt.  I'll keep you posted on my progress but in the meantime here is some helpful information.

What is flax seed oil?

Flax seed oil is derived from the seeds of the flax plant (Linumusitatissimum, L.).  The oil contains both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are necessary to maintain good health.  In addition, it also contains another essential fatty acid ALA (alpha linolenic acid) which is converted by the body into the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils (EPA- eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA- docosahexaenoic acid). 

Some Health Benefits of Flax Seed Oil
  • Prevents cancer and reduces tumor growth in breasts, prostate and colon
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Promotes colon health
  • Helps reduce inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Boosts immunity
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • May lessen the severity of diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Increases metabolic rate
Helpful Facts
  • Believed to increase the nutritional value when taken with other foods.  In fact, studies show that mixing flax seed oil with yogurt helps emulsify the oil which improves the body's digestion and metabolism as the essential fatty acids are incorporated into cell membranes
  • Be sure to purchase flax seed oil stored in dark bottles as prolonged exposure to light, heat, and air affects the potency and cause it to spoil so refrigerate after opening
  • Because of the aforementioned it is not suggested that you do not heat it up or cook with it as it should only be added to cold foods or cooked foods
  • Flax seeds are high in protein, fiber, omega 3's, and lignans which are a type of phytoestrogen that may protect against certain forms of cancer

*Check with your doctor before consuming as the component, lignan is known to interfere with certain medications such as muscle relaxers, drugs prescribed to breast cancer patients, and acid reflux medications.  Also, those who are pregant or suffer from any gastrointestinal problems should consult their physician first. Although, it is generally safe for pregnant women to consume the recommended 1 tablespoon of flax seed oil per day just to be safe consult your obgyn.*

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Need I say more? This woman is the epitome of the ultimate haute mama if you ask me! Entrepreneur, fashionista, mother, wife...The list goes on and on and yes many may argue it is easier for Kimora to juggle such a demanding career and motherhood because she can afford a team of people to help her but I have to say regardless she is workin' it and I admire her greatly! The way she carried herself with class and dignity during the publicized split with her ex-husband Russell Simmons yet still remained business partners with him and what seems to be a respectful and cordial relationship is pure hauteness as you all know my definition of haute goes beyond the fashion sense.  It is the depiction of pure class and holding one's own during life's obstacles which are no stranger to anyone be it rich, poor, black, white or whatever the situation may be and Ms. Simmons wears the haute badge of honor well...Expect to see much more of Kimora here as she is a great inspiration to myself and many others who aspire to be haute moms all around with the career, fashion sense and a beautiful family to boot! Whether she's rockin' a casual halter dress, jeans and heels or furs she always represents well!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Been busy...

I've been a little...Scratch that...VERY busy with moving...The moving part is over now I have the REAL challenge ahead of me which is adjusting to this new area...It seemed exciting at first but I guess my anxiety is getting the best of me...We're finally in PA and almost settled in but I still have lots to do i.e. find a job...Sigh...Not that I don't want to work but the idea of the same ole same ole which for me entails working in an office doing paper work and staring at a computer screen all day is not inviting for me so I've been contemplating some career changes...We'll see but as for now I have been so inspired by many women I have witnessed who have achieved what is most people's dream "Financial Independence" which makes for a very fulfilled and happy life...Seems unobtainable for most but it is one of my main goals! Not that I'm not happy at all...I am very blessed! I just feel a huge void and I know it's not my imagination...It is real and must be filled asap before I lose my mind...Guess I have to take my own advice and be optimistic while emitting positive energy so I can attract it...Utilize the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction to achieve my career goals! In the meantime, I will try to update more often than just when the mood hits me ;-) When we're done unpacking and I get a job I want to start decorating the house gradually starting with the master bedroom so I will be sharing some home decor ideas here for your viewing pleasure and maybe it will inspire u to change things up a bit! Of course the focus will be chic, comfortable, and frugal!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's Talk about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)!

My mother swears by ACV! She believes ACV can cure any ailment as long as you use it as a preventative measure. I can say honestly that all my life I cannot remember my mother ever falling ill and that is no lie! I used to wonder 'what does she do that makes her so full of energy and never get sick'? She later told me that she started taking ACV years ago.  She drinks a teaspoon full every morning straight and chases it with hot water.  She says that if a person does this every day as a preventative measure they will not get colds, flu or any other common ailment.  She also tries to convince me that it can prevent other illnesses like cancer but these are her theories and if I can find some testimonies and information to back it up I will follow up on this article later.  I can attest to the fact that ACV has improved my skin tremendously when I use it as a toner at night after cleansing. I also take it internally mixed with honey, water and a little cinnamon as a health tonic to boost my energy and help rid my body of toxins. I have been slacking lately but I plan to incorporate this in my daily diet.  I want to continuously reap the benefits of what is historically believed to be naturally cleansing and healing to the body.  I  use Bragg ACV which can be purchased at most health stores i.e. Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC.   Bragg's brand is so much better than other leading brands that you can find in regular grocery stores because it is raw and unfiltered and contains what is referred to as the 'Mother' which are strands of protein enzyme molecules that form naturally.  This is not to discredit any other pure brands of ACV but I can personally speak on Bragg because I have been using it for years now and several months on my skin which has remained pimple free ever since (despite the occasional small pimple which rears its ugly head every so often).  If I do get any small pimple it is because I may be slacking on the ACV meaning  I may have skipped a week of using it out of pure laziness.  All I do is get back into my regimen of using about 2 teaspoons(approximately) of ACV on a cotton swab after cleansing my skin and the pimple disappears within a few days. Gone are the days of those pesky pimples that linger and linger for weeks all to transform into a dark blemish which is a whole other story.  I highly recommend ACV for the skin and taken as I mentioned earlier as a health tonic.  No concrete evidence on how it improves my health besides the fact that I rarely get sick but other factors could contribute to that as well. Here are pics that show my skin prior to ACV use and then after using ACV for a few weeks:

Here is the left side of my face where you can clearly see the pimples

Another left side shot of my acne prior to using ACV

Ugh! I strongly dislike this pic but anyhoo...A frontal view of my acneic skin

3 months after using ACV at night as a toner

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frugal Shopping Tips!

I'd like to share some of my ways of maintaining my sexy as a mother without "breaking the bank"...I don't know about you but I learned at an early age that spending alot of money on clothes  is not wise and cheaper options can be more beneficial for you and your pockets.  This heavily applies to most of us during this economic situation we are facing.  My favorite places to shop right now are Target, H&M, Forever21, TJMaxx, and Marshall's to name a few..haha...You get the idea as these are retailers who sell name brand items for less or stylish clothes for a very low price! Can I just express my heartfelt love for Target!? lol...I recently went to browse through their shoe selections and fell in love with several pairs but I  only ended up purchasing two pair.  This cognac wedge and this semi wedge sandal with woven detail (also in cognac) somewhat reminiscent of the popular gladiator sandals  I must say that I was not "supposed to" go shopping when I got these but I decided to get them anyway and I'm glad I did because they are both surprisingly comfortable and although not genuine leather they don't look cheap! lol...I'm proud of my purchases and have always been one to shop wisely so I wanted to dish on some of my ways of being frugal without sacraficing style:

1) Don't buy items full price: Unless they are already a "decent" price don't purchase items full price.  Normally, clothes go on sale so just keep watching the item that you just "have to have" for sales and as soon as they mark it at a lower price GRAB IT! lol I have been looking for a camel or military green cargo jacket and spotted one in Old Navy (can't remember the sale price) but I didn't like the quality so I ended up marching my behind to JCrew and right there on the sale's rack was a camel colored cargo jacket marked down to $59.99 from the original $99! Can you say "STEAL"??!! So, I grabbed it! I knew if I waited it would be gone! ;-) Cargo jackets are so versatile!

2) Shop at retail stores like Target and H&M for good quality and stylish clothing for less:  I always tell people not to sleep on Target and most smart fashionistas already know this.  H&M is one of my favorite retail stores because you can shop for t-shirts and leggings for the weekend at the park with the kids, sexy dresses and tops for a night out with the girls or a dinner with the hubby and work attire! Let me also mention that they do have a male and children's section! Just in case you wanna pick the hubby up a few shirts and slacks just to shut him up for when you walk in the door with that H&M bag ;-)  Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are big on style but keep their prices low as well and although most 25 and older ladies shy away from these somewhat "teeny bopperesque" stores it really is worth sucking up your pride for more stylish yet cheaper clothes and trust me you will not look like you belong in high school when you learn what type of items to buy (I will do a post on this later as this gave me an idea for another entry) as they have a variety of styles from bohemian chic to your classic finds like blazers, t-shirts and jeans which should all be in your closet as they are the basic apparel necessities.

3) Shop off -season:  Keep it classy and frugal ladies! Classic means "timeless" so these types of styles are must-haves for someone who wants to maintain their sexy without looking dated and ridiculously trendy.  For example, it's summertime and as I mentioned earlier I bought a cargo jacket from J Crew for $60 and it was originally priced at $99 so although I won't be able to wear it until the Fall I got a better deal for the jacket than I would've had I bought it when it first hit the rack ;-) This goes for shoes as well! When those boots go on sale near the Spring season then you need to jump on it if you can because they lower the prices generously and that is your objective to be stylish but frugal at the same time which proves that  stylish+frugal= smart. It is imperative ladies!

Back from my HIATUS ;-)

I know it has been FOREVER since I have blogged! Been very busy and there is so much going on right now...Between being a mother, wife, work, in the process of selling our house and moving to PA! UGH! I have been so overwhelmed and I have not been feeling too "creative" lately but that all is going to change as I still adjust to being a  new blogger....When I began I had so many ideas and my head was full of all kinds of information I wanted to form into one of the next best blogs out here but I fell off track so I'm trying to get back into blog mode :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pittsburgh, PA Baby! Mountains and All!

Approaching a mountain that we were about to ride through!

Getting closer to the mountain

Driving through the mountain! Up close and personal!

The Fort Pitt Tunnel...A tunnel which allows you to drive through a mountain!

Heinz Field in downtown Pittsburgh! Go Steelers! lol

Downtown Pittsburgh! Nice!

Not sure the name of this bridge we were about to cross but I thought the design was cool!

Hubby and I drove past this cool cigar/coffee house and they were playin' Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved" which caught our attention ;-)

Approaching a busy downtown street

Street vendors!!!! I can't wait! Didn't have much of that in Raleigh, NC and being a MD/DC native I love me some street vendors!

Scarves and dresses galore! I was so tempted to get out and look a little closer but that wasn't the point of THIS trip...We'll be back this summer though!

Hand-made dresses and accessories...And who knows what else but I'll take a closer look when we return later this summer!

Got a pic of a guy sitting outside of a meat market playing an accordion and I thought it would be cool to get a pic of this..Not a big fan of the accordion but being a music lover myself I am open minded when it comes to different forms of music...Besides, I love street musicians! There was a guy down the street playing the clarinet!

Don't know if you can see it very well but I had to take a pic of this mural! One thing I love about the inner city are the murals!  They are like the city's hidden treasures!

I had to take a pic of the building to the right with such beautiful architecture!

UPDATE: Movin' to PA!

Well, I haven't blogged in a minute but I plan to update more often. As you may know, I am the wife of an active duty Air Force TSgt and everyone knows that moving every couple of years comes with the territory. My hubby put in his picks for his next assignment and got his orders in early March. We are moving to PA at the end of this summer and although excited I feel a little bit overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done by September i.e. finding a good school,job, etc. I'm hoping and praying to get a house in a neighborhood just as nice as the one we have right now because we got very lucky. We have very cool neighbors for the mostpart and I hope we have the same type of situation whereever we move to. I'm looking forward to moving but I have to get used to the mountains! Very different from what I'm used to but it's a beautiful sight! I hope that we find a house that is on flatter land though...LOL...I don't have a huge fear of heights but I'm just sayin'...Most of the houses out there are up on steep hills and although beautiful I just don't feel too comfortable with that. We'll be fine...I have some pics from when we went up to Pittsburgh and visited a few nearby towns and downtown. Next time we visit I will include more pictures as I plan to actually get out of the car and explore our new home! Stay tuned in as I plan to discuss alot more about a day in the life of a military wife specifically what it's like to have to start all over in another state that is totally different from what I'm used to but I take it all as a great opportunity to experience good change and at least I'll be able to say that I've lived in different places and seen many things!

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Ay Yo" by Melanie Fiona! My new anthem!

I'm sure you all have seen and heard of Canadian born singer Melanie Fiona who is well known for her tracks "Give it To Me Right" and "It Kills Me" but she is killin' it on "Ay Yo" which is like a female anthem that is sure to inspire(listen to the words) or at least make you feel good because the beat has a funky jazz feel to it. I'm all about good music with a positive message to boot! Check out the Illadelphonics Live Remix here:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

HMOTW (Haute Mama of the Week): Evelyn Lemar!

Her name is Evelyn Lemar and along with being an author and a mother this North Carolina native owns her own publishing company called Drama Queen Productions! Love it!!

What do you do for a living?

I work for the VA Medical Center in claims

What is your passion and how do you incorporate it in your life to achieve happiness?

It has always been my passion to tell a great story, even before I decided to be a writer. I try new things and allow myself to go through certain things for the sake of being able to potentially tell a good story. And being a person that's always open for new experiences, there's never a dull moment in my life. And keeping things interesting is definitely a good way to be happy.

How do you balance work and motherhood?

My motto has always been "If you got kids, you gotta play with them." I'm a single parent, so I've had a lot of practice. My daughter's sixteen now, so I'm more of a chafeur and an ATM machine than a mom these days. But I always make time for her extra curricular activities (she plays violin) and we're really close so we have a lot of fun together. It's important to make time for to hang out with your kids and we have special things that we do together. For example, Friday nights used to be Power Puff Girls and pizza night and now that's she's older, it's Cold Case. We also make midnight Krispy Kreme runs while listening to old school hip hop on the radio. We spend lots of time together and we enjoy each other's company.

What has been your biggest challenge as a working mother and how did you manage to overcome it?

I was unmarried and had just turned 21 when my daughter was born. Finances, and not to mention the fact that I was young and not done living was definitely a challenge. My parents were a great help and over the years, and I just continued to work hard and learn as much as I could in order to move on to better jobs. It was as if my daughter and I grew up together. But with prayer and hard work, we've overcome many obstacles.

What advice would you give other mothers on how to maintain or discover their hauteness and remain successful in their careers and fulfill their roles as a mom?

Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you shouldn't have a life. Spend time nurturing yourself, as well as your kids. Have fun, get a hobby, hang out sometimes with other adults. Because one day your kids will gone and you'll find yourself lonely and unhappy and smothering your kids and making them miserable, too.

What makes you a haute mama?

The fact that I'm so versatile. Not only am I a mom, but I'm a sassy woman that full of life and always looking forward to the next adventure.

For more on this haute author, mother, and entrepreneur check her out HERE.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Fixed!!

Just a few hours ago I posted about fixing some problems that I was having with the blog template. Well, their all fixed now!! Took me a while but I got it and I didn't even have to change my template which I love!!! Now, it's not confusing and when you click on Home, About and Contact you are taken to an actual page :-)) I'm so proud of me! Have a good one!

My Apologies...

I just wanted to say if you're visiting the site and you notice that I have "home" and "about me" in two areas I apologize for the confusion and disorganization as I am new to blogging and I'm constantly trying to figure out how to fix these issues. It is not an easy task so please be patient with me as I'm doing this all on my own with no help which is very challenging yet frustrating at times because I don't like having the site up with all of these glitches and I'm trying to figure out how to make them work. Although I love my present template, I am considering switching to something else as some of the features don't work properly and I'm spending more time trying to figure out how to fix it than blogging so don't be surprised if you've visited before and I have a new template ;-) Thanks for your patience!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Have you had your Vitamin C today?

Hi ladies! I've been nursing a sick child for the past couple of days and low and behold I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold/flu. Whatever it is it's actually not as bad as it could be but I did feel very bad yesterday afternoon into the evening. Well, I started using this product called Emergen-C when I noticed my daughter getting sick because I was going to try and see if she would drink it as well but that was a fail. She noticed the fizz and was immediately turned off...LOL So, I purchased both the Orange flavor and the Acai berry flavor. I've tried the orange flavor before but I didn't like it so I decided to give the acai flavor a try and have the orange on hand for the little one. To my surprise, the acai flavor was actually not bad. I mean it's not like drinking a FANTA grape soda or anything like that but it was tolerable. So, for the past couple of days I've been taking my Emergen-C. All you do is open the packet, pour the Emergen-C powder into a cup and add 4-6oz of water. Then, take it to the head if you'd like ;-) I sip mine...HAHA...Anyway, I wanted to share my experiences as I think it will be of good use for you as we cannot maintain our hauteness without our health being in tip top shape. Right? So far so good for me. I haven't felt an extreme energy boost yet but it will come in due time as I did just start taking it. I take Emergen-C twice a day but the guy in the Vitamin Shoppe told me to take it more frequently when sick. I'm going to try to up my intake to 3-4 times a day if I feel worse later on today. Of course I will fill you in on my progress as I plan to take Emergen-C everyday from here on out. The box says to take it 2-4x a day. One packet mixed with 4-6oz of water.

What is Emergen-C do you ask? Well, it is a vitamin supplement drink consisting of 1,000mg of Vitamin C and other essential vitamins in the form of a powder sold as an energy booster. Emergen-C comes in many flavors including rasberry, lemon-lime, orange, tropical and my favorite acai berry flavor. You can purchase Emergen-C at your nearest convenience store such as Rite-Aid, Target, Walmart or The Vitamin Shoppe. When mixed with water it creates a fizz similar to soda as it contains carbon dioxide so it is reminiscent of drinking a soda without the loads of sugar that soda usually contains. Why is Emergen-C good for you? Well, it contains Electrolytes, 7 B Vitamins, and as I just mentioned more than the recommended daily value of Vitamin C which is extremely important for your overall health as Vitamin C contains L-absorbic acid; an essential nutrient that posses antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help prevent and repair free radical damage to our cells and also improve our immune systems by lowering the risk of cancer and infections. Emergen-C is believed to be all natural as they do not use any artificial coloring or flavoring but I shall look into this more because everything that is said to be natural is not totally 100% natural. Just wanted to put that out there. For more information on Vitamin C and it's benefits you can do a search on Vitamin C and check the official Emergen-C website for more details about this product.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Postpartum Depression

According to the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, “postpartum depression is a depression that can range from mild to suicidal and can occur anytime after delivery up to one year later.” The initial onset begins in the first 4 weeks after delivery. Common symptoms include: agitation and irritability, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, feeling withdrawn, socially isolated or unconnected, negative thoughts toward the baby and thoughts of death or suicide. The underlying cause of postpartum depression is changes in hormone levels which is normally followed by mood changes and typical for the mother following the birth of a child. There is also the “postpartum blues” which is less severe than postpartum depression as it has similar symptoms but is short lived. Treatment involves medication, therapy or a combination of both. There is no single method of prevention but certain factors can help like having a support system. The best thing to do if you feel that you have this disorder is to get early detection and seek help. Don’t be ashamed or deny these symptoms if you are experiencing them because it is the smartest thing you can do for yourself, your newborn and your family. I know from experience so I can attest to the benefits of counseling as treatment for postpartum depression.

I believe I began feelings of depression while in the hospital the day after my daughter was born. I was fine one minute but then I was a “basket case” the next. I would cry just looking at my daughter. I felt like an emotional wreck and I wanted it to just stop so I could go on with my new and exciting life as a mother. I didn’t realize I was in for a very bumpy ride as my depression lasted up to a year after my daughter was born. It was extremely difficult as I felt that I had no control over my feelings and thoughts. Simultaneously, I was sad, happy, afraid, and angry. One thing I did know was that I didn’t want to harm my child. I think I was moreso severely paranoid that I would do something wrong that would lead to her being harmed. Becoming a mother for the first time is scary because you have this little person who cannot talk that totally depends on you for everything. I immediately thought that maybe I was just having a small bout with the “baby blues” but my symptoms seemed to last longer than I believed was capable. I just talked to my husband, some of my family members and friends about it which helped slightly but it wasn’t until my daughter was 8 or 9 months old that I finally decided that I needed to seek some counseling which was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. It is a shame that going to counseling is so taboo in our society because I think that many people will benefit greatly from it whether they are depressed or not. It is very therapeutic as it opened the door for a lot of other issues to be revealed and I was forced to face them. A breakthrough occurred as a result of my counseling sessions. I began to see things differently and realized that the solution was in me all along. I did not need any medication to relieve myself of this depression which so abruptly took over my body and mind. I personally do not believe in medication for depression and many other illnesses and disorders. I think that a holistic approach is more suiting as medications put you at risk for additional problems such as dependency and adverse effects which will in turn lead to further illnesses. This defeats the whole purpose in seeking help in my opinion so I hope that this information was helpful for those who were misinformed or knew nothing about postpartum depression because we need to increase awareness as many women suffer from this disorder and do not seek the proper attention for it as they either deny it or simply don’t know that it is something common which can also be treated.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's about Confidence not Cockiness!

Coming from someone who's been mistaken by ignorant people for being stuck up or conceited I can say that most of my life even if I didn't feel good about myself I walked with my head held high because I wanted to ;-) I refused to walk around with my head held down just because I didn't want to be mistaken for "thinking I'm cute" or "all of that" as many would accuse me of acting based on my confident walk...LOL...I laugh about it now but back then I would get so angry and tell people off but I digress...Ladies, no matter how bad you are feeling we should walk with confidence every where we go. I'm not saying that we should over do it by putting too much swing in the hip area but you know what I mean. Never let people see you sweat and then maybe they won't make stupid comments that make you feel worse than you already feel. This applies to any situation. If you carry yourself with confidence and "swag" of course you'll attract haters but it comes with the territory of being haute ;-) Shrug them off and keep it movin' but first thing's first. Let's explore ways that we can discover the inner hauteness that I speak so highly of. From my experience, these steps have worked for me:

1) Relax your mind and as they said in one of my favorite movies 'Something New' "Let go and let flow". If you are the type that tends to overanalyze and usually walk around in a pessimistic state of mind try to make a conscious effort not to because the more negative energy you put out the more negativity you will attract. It never fails. Just take a moment and think about this if you doubt it because it's true. For example, I'm afraid of large bodies of water and for several years I always feared swimming lessons and just simply getting into the pool. I was never optimistic about it at all. I would always say "I can't do it!" and until this day I have not learned how to swim! I plan to conquer this fear before I leave this earth but that's another story. My point is that if you continue to think negatively about something you are going to continuously attract like thoughts and this way of thinking leads you nowhere. The Law of Attraction confirms this notion as it argues that "conscious and unconscious thoughts can affect things outside the head". Basically, "if you really want something and truly believe its possible, you'll get it," but if you focus primarily on what you don't want you can get that too. So, relax and focus on obtaining whatever it is that you want in life and you're sure to get it but your thoughts can be polluted by outside influences so beware because negative outside influences will surely hold you back which leads me to the next step.

2) Surround yourself with positivity. It may seem difficult to do especially if the negativity comes from your closest friends and family. Ever heard the term "you are the company you keep"? Self-explanatory. If you hang around losers more than likely you will become a loser as well. No one intentionally wants to be a loser so if you want to see your life take off in a positive direction keep people in your circle who have your best interests at heart. If you have to omit certain people from your life than do so. As far as family is concerned sometimes we have to "bite the bullet" as my father would say. In short , meet anguish with strength and courage. We have to deal with some people in our lives and those individuals are not always pleasant to be around to say the least so keep it short as you can with them and then keep it movin'. You will be amazed at how easier life will get once you begin this simple task. It will be as if you lived your life surrounded by a foggy haze that gradually clears up the sooner you relieve yourself of those negative influences in the form of people. So, you've thought about it and you've removed most of the poison from your life (that which is obvious because it can and will come in all forms of disguise) You're ready for your next move.

3) Put your thoughts to action. Now that you have omitted negative thoughts and people from your life you can think more clearly. *singing "I can see clearly now the rain is gone"* Believe me. It works. Try to focus on that dream that you once had when you were a kid to be a doctor or a lawyer etc. or a goal that you once thought was unobtainable and think of ways you can begin to accomplish them. Now as mothers we think "I have to wait a few more years because I have to focus on the kids"...A happy parent makes a happy child so whatever it is you have to do to achieve happiness as an individual start thinking about how to pursue it and take the steps to accomplishing it. Everyone has something that they are passionate about outside of your family. It's that one thing that you would do if you didn't have to worry about paying bills and other responsibilities that cause us to have to accept certain jobs in order to make ends meet whether we like them or not. Go out and make it happen.

These "steps" are my own which you can modify to suit yourself. I am no expert on life by any means. I'm just sharing my experiences and what worked for me in hopes that it will yield similar results for you as well. Ultimately, you will discover your inner hauteness through learning about capabilities you never knew or believed you had. Haute doesn't have to only describe your sense of fashion as a mother but your overall elegance!

A Haute Introduction


I know you all have heard of the term "haute mama" which means "fashionably elegant mama". The fashionable aspect does not mean that you have to fit in someone else's category of what "fashionable" is to them. We all have our own style and many of us can express our individuality pretty well through our style of dress. It doesn't mean that you have to wear expensive name brand clothes, have a fully made up face with MAC products or go to the best hair salon in town to keep your hair looking good. This blog is all about celebrating the mamas who manage motherhood, marriage, careers, and anything else that comes there way with style! There is nothing better than seeing a mother with her child/children keeping them under control and managing to look her best at the same time! Love it! This is my inspiration for this blog. I want to celebrate the beauty of motherhood and help others who may be in a "mommy rut" discover their inner hauteness by inspiring them with stories of real life mamas out here doing their thing! I have had the pleasure of meeting and growing up with some incredible women who I consider haute mamas and I plan to share their stories and pics with you soon! In addition to inspirational stories I plan to include tips on fashion, beauty, exercise, total body health and wellness, music, and much more!!! Keep checking in for updates! I also accept your suggestions on what would be helpful to you in hopes that it may help other readers as well!