Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Haute Introduction


I know you all have heard of the term "haute mama" which means "fashionably elegant mama". The fashionable aspect does not mean that you have to fit in someone else's category of what "fashionable" is to them. We all have our own style and many of us can express our individuality pretty well through our style of dress. It doesn't mean that you have to wear expensive name brand clothes, have a fully made up face with MAC products or go to the best hair salon in town to keep your hair looking good. This blog is all about celebrating the mamas who manage motherhood, marriage, careers, and anything else that comes there way with style! There is nothing better than seeing a mother with her child/children keeping them under control and managing to look her best at the same time! Love it! This is my inspiration for this blog. I want to celebrate the beauty of motherhood and help others who may be in a "mommy rut" discover their inner hauteness by inspiring them with stories of real life mamas out here doing their thing! I have had the pleasure of meeting and growing up with some incredible women who I consider haute mamas and I plan to share their stories and pics with you soon! In addition to inspirational stories I plan to include tips on fashion, beauty, exercise, total body health and wellness, music, and much more!!! Keep checking in for updates! I also accept your suggestions on what would be helpful to you in hopes that it may help other readers as well!

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