Saturday, September 4, 2010


Need I say more? This woman is the epitome of the ultimate haute mama if you ask me! Entrepreneur, fashionista, mother, wife...The list goes on and on and yes many may argue it is easier for Kimora to juggle such a demanding career and motherhood because she can afford a team of people to help her but I have to say regardless she is workin' it and I admire her greatly! The way she carried herself with class and dignity during the publicized split with her ex-husband Russell Simmons yet still remained business partners with him and what seems to be a respectful and cordial relationship is pure hauteness as you all know my definition of haute goes beyond the fashion sense.  It is the depiction of pure class and holding one's own during life's obstacles which are no stranger to anyone be it rich, poor, black, white or whatever the situation may be and Ms. Simmons wears the haute badge of honor well...Expect to see much more of Kimora here as she is a great inspiration to myself and many others who aspire to be haute moms all around with the career, fashion sense and a beautiful family to boot! Whether she's rockin' a casual halter dress, jeans and heels or furs she always represents well!


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